The majority of the Seacoast could see significant snowfall on Saturday, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

The NWS in Gray issued a winter storm watch for southern and central New Hampshire as well as interior western Maine, but much of New England is expected to be blanketed with a mix of snow and rain.

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Ricky Firey, a SKYWARN weather spotter with NWS, posted on Twitter that folks should be "ready for widely varied amounts (of precipitation)" and that "there will be surprises."

Firey also posted a map of how much snow accumulation he expects across the Seacoast. Areas including Dover could see between 4-6 inches of show, Firey predicts, and municipalities to the north such as Rochester, Sanford and Waterboro could see between 6-8 inches. Coastal areas like Newburyport, Portsmouth, Hampton, Kittery and York could get a touch less snow with 2-4 inches of accumulation being forecasted by Firey.

Firey added that coastal areas could see significant winds during the storm, writing on Twitter that "gusts up to 60 MPH can't be ruled out."

The NWS said roads could be slippery as they become covered in snow, and there is also a possibility of fallen trees and power outages, adding that low pressure will intensify as the storm tracks near Cape Cod on Saturday and dropping a heavy, wet snow.

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