Have you heard about the Secret Sisters Gift Exchange where you buy one gift and get 36 in return?

As you're likely aware, that's not going to happen-- worse still, that would be the better of the outcomes. If it does work than you have successfully participated in an illegal pyramid scheme on social media. Congratulations! This is why it might be a good idea to pass the word along to that friend of yours that is likely wise enough to know it probably won't fetch a bunch of presents but that thinks it might be kind of fun to try anyhow.

Frankly, a simple bit of math should make it abundantly clear that the whole deal is sketchy, but check out the awesome alarmist fear mongering 'local' (it isn't from around here but they all look the same, don't they?) news take on it. It is pretty spectacular. There is also the easily digestible takedown of the scam on Snopes. Merry Christmas, everybody!