If you see fireballs shoot across the sky Wednesday night, you are not going crazy!

It turns out that the Northern Taurid will have it's best viewing conditions on Wednesday and Thursday.

According to Masslive.com, the Earth is going to be passing through some debris that was left over from a previous comet.

This is the perfect time to do a little stargazing, because there will be about five fireballs per hour during peak times, according to CNN.

So, what exactly is a fireball?   It's a meteor that shines brighter than the brightest object in the sky after the moon, Venus, according to CNN.

You can find the Northern Taurid by looking for the constellation Taurus above the horizon.   According to GoPhysics, the best time will be after midnight.

According to Masslive.com, the fireballs will be traveling at 18 miles per second!

If you end up falling asleep or forgetting to look outside (which I do all the time!), there are a few more cool astronomical events this year.

According to GoPhysics, the conjunction of the Moon and Venus will take place on Thursday. Then there's a New Moon happening on Friday!

I had to look up exactly what a "new moon" was.  According to wikipedia, the new moon is the first lunar phase where the Moon and Sun have "the same ecliptic longitude."

The lunar disk is not visible, except when silhouetted by a solar eclipse.  Wikipedia says "daylight outshines the earthlight, and dimly illuminates the new moon."  A conjunction of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn will happen November 19th.  This means hat when Jupiter and Saturn move closer to each other, the moon moves along the same path.

All of these events sound super interesting, and I've always been interested in learning about the constellations.

Now, if only I can 1) stay up past midnight and 2) remember to look out the window!


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