A New England woman is being hailed “mother of the year” after rescuing her five-year-old from being attacked by a wild animal.

And it didn’t occur on a walk or even in their yard, but rather right at their front door.

Logan McNamara’s daughter, Rylee, was outside the family’s home in Ashford, Connecticut, preparing to leave for school, when a raccoon appeared out of nowhere and began biting her leg.

Hearing her daughter’s screams, Logan rushed outside and pulled the animal off.

With Rylee safely indoors, Logan then picked the animal up by the scruff of its neck and, after several moments of struggling, tossed it back onto the lawn.

In a post on Facebook, Logan wrote: “Per Rylee’s request, ‘show everyone what the raccoon did’ we are headed to get checked out for rabies following this unprovoked raccoon attack. I can’t tell you how proud I am of this Brave girl!!”

The incident was captured on camera, which you can see below:

This is just the latest instance of a seemingly small, nonthreatening animal attacking New Englanders, as some cite the lack of outdoor activity by humans as a reason for animals being more brazen and, in some cases, aggressive.

When it comes to rabies, raccoons are especially dangerous. According to the New Hampshire Fish and Game, raccoons are a major carrier and responsible for about half of all reported cases in the United States.

A sign that a nocturnal animal (such as a raccoon) is the animal moving around fearlessly during the daytime.

Needless to say, Logan did exactly what you’re supposed to do in such a case: immediately take anyone who suffered bites or scratches to be tested for rabies.

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