ESPN posted a picture that showed a side-by-side comparison of Tom Brady at 43 versus George Blanda, who quarterbacked for 5 teams, and the internet has gone crazy, according to

The difference is alarming. It even has me thinking I need to rush out and buy some Himalayan Pink Salt (a staple of Brady’s diet). TB12 baby.

I totally need to sign up and start doing whatever the heck he's doing.

Brady is famous for his strict diet regimen and his training routine. Blanda on the other hand was famous for smoking cigarettes, even in the locker room and on the field.

Let me tell you the picture of the two of them at the same age standing side by side should be an ad for whatever Brady is selling because Blanda looks almost 65 in the photo compared to Brady. The reason for the comparison is that Brady just beat Blanda’s record of being the oldest player to throw a touchdown in a playoff game.

Brady is 43 years and 159 days old and Blanda was 43 and 108 days old, according to  Brady still looks like he could play another decade.  There were a lot of comparisons on Twitter with people saying Brady was them at the beginning of 2020 and that Blanda is what they look like at the end of 2020.

I am glad I never took up smoking as a habit if it ages you that much.  If you get the chance you have to check out the side by side photo of the two.  It will have you running to eat avocado ice cream.


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