I gotta tell you… I was very emotional after I watched this video.

I know we are a country station, but when I see something like this, you gotta give them kudos!  One of our sister stations on the Jersey Shore 94.3 The Point did an amazing thing for one of their listeners.  Not often do the stars line up like this but when they do, great things can happen.

Tessa, who recently lost her mother, was surprised in her science class with tickets to see Harry Styles, according to The Point.


Tessa’s story is sad but this had a happy outcome.  Tessa is like my daughter.  A HUGE Harry Styles fan.

My daughter did the same thing a couple years back and baked Harry a birthday cake.  We even sang happy birthday to him…because she made us.

This is a story I wanted to share with you guys.  I’m proud that I get to work with people who do things like this for others.

To me, doing my job is about entertaining, informing and helping people.

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