As more information comes out about former NFL players suffering from dementia, CTE and other cognitive impairments that appear to be an outcome of playing a game that by its very nature is violent, it is not unreasonable to ask whether the sport is worth the risk. is reporting that the Dover School Board will once again be considering the issue. While unlikely to lead to the popular program from being cut, it is at least wise to have the conversation.

Sometimes it is easy to fall back to the comfort zone of "well I did it and I'm okay" but that is a specious argument. As a kid I rode my bike without a helmet, as was typical for the time, and it is true that I never got hurt. However, I'll be darn sure my son wears a helmet when he learns to ride! Times change, we learn more about the dangers and make adjustments.

As for football, do we have enough information that we didn't in the past to deem it too unsafe for kids to play? Can helmet technology and rule changes minimize the risk? Are we perhaps going too far to shelter kids from risks? These are all important questions that deserve informed consideration.


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