Hundreds of people turned out to Henry Law Park last night for a peaceful protest of the killing of George Floyd, as well as a fight for equality and justice.

The vigil was organized by Project Dream which is a student run organization at Dover High School. Their mission is for there to be inclusion and equality for all.

Organizer Palmira Wilson told WMUR that the mission was one of peace:

"It's not black versus white, It's everyone versus racism. The vigil is to honor all the people that recently died and just because of things that have been happening in the community., it's a peaceful way to bring everybody together."

The president of the Seacoast Chapter of NAACP, Rogers Johnson, was also at the park.  Johnson tells WMUR that he was saddened about the riots going on throughout the country, saying:

"We are all one human race, we all, as John Kennedy said, inhabit the same small earth, breathe the same air, bleed the same blood."

Dover Chief of Police William Breault penned an open letter to the community yesterday:

Samantha Sutherland of Petit Rien Images was on hand as well. I talked to Sutherland about the event and she said:

 “It was a beautiful, peaceful event. I’m really proud of our community and the way we came together.”

She was able to capture some beautiful photos that represented this peaceful event and was gracious enough to share them with us.

Peaceful Protest Henry Law Park


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