School may be out for the kids this summer, but it looks like this moose is interested in higher learning!

Groundskeeper Dave M. got these shots of a moose checking out the school around 6:15 yesterday morning.

courtesy: Dover High School Facebook

The moose spent quite a bit of time on the ball field, looking over at the empty school, leading to some great comments on the Dover High School and Career Technical Center's Facebook page!

courtesy: Dove High School Facebook

Kathleen Costello says:

"He might want to register for summer school!"

Steve Hofemann had a great suggestion that the moose become the new school mascot!

Alden Coffen added:

Even the wildlife is concerned about increased taxes and spending in Dover "

The moose has been spotted all over Dover. Katherine Wong shared this video:

This is not a new phenomenon.  I can't stop watching this video I found from 2011 of a moose stuck in a pool in Manchester, NH!

Probably a good idea to take some extra precautions when driving and be on the lookout for the moose on the loose!


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