Growing up with extremely religious parents, I did not celebrate Halloween.  I did not get a costume and go trick or treating like the other kids.  I felt left out because of my parent’s belief.  And yet, some of my fondest memories are of my children in the elementary school Halloween parades.  My wife grew up with a love of the holiday.  My oldest paraded his way in 3rd Grade as Darth Vader, my daughter was a Disney villain Maleficent and my youngest, Tristan was a knight like his namesake, Sir Tristan.   Growing up without any context for this holiday I learned to love it.  I saw no religious connotation in it and loved stealing my children’s Halloween candy and meeting all my neighbors on the night we would all go trick or treating.


It appears some schools are canceling Halloween parades and all Halloween activities so as not to offend those that do not celebrate and be mindful of those children that may not be able to afford costumes.  Yahoo News reports that the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 in the Chicago suburbs issued a statement that the district would be “moving away” from Halloween celebrations.  If you are a die-hard Halloween fan there is hope. Yahoo News reports that in 2015 the schools in Milford, Conn announce a similar ban on the holiday and parents were not having it.  The Halloween parade will go on this year in Milford, Conn. schools this year.

Are we getting so politically correct that we are tearing down some of our most enjoyable traditions?  My parents kept me home from school during Halloween and although I knew I was missing out, it wasn’t a big deal to me.  Parents have the option to keep their kids home.  Tradition or changing times?  The future will tell.



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