I know you probably think I am crazy (I am) but hear me out on this one.  There is a café in Germany that reopened after lockdown and had the perfect solution to handling social distancing.  They gave each customer a hat that was affixed with pool noodles.  The pool noodles allow us to maintain our social distance from others and be aware.  In fact, I may just make my own pool noodle social distancing hat to run my errands like grocery shopping at Market Basket or Hannafords, Shaws, or browsing the aisles at Best Buy In Newington.  CNN.com reported on the genius life hack from the Café Rother in Schwerin, Germany.

The colorful pool noodle hats were an absolute hit with customers.  No “X” marks on the floor telling you where to stand, no one attempting to enforce your social distance, no plexiglass screens - just fashionable straw hats with pool noodles attached. Attention Beach Plum in North Hampton Beach you may wanna try this! Considering what I saw a few weeks ago. We have loads of restaurants in New Hampshire with outdoor seating like Surf Restaurant or BRGR BAR in Portsmouth or Revolution in Rochester and those restaurants by the beach would look great with the pool noodle hat theme.

The owner of the Café Rother told a local television company, RTL, “It was the perfect gag and of course it was funny; our customers were really into it.  But what it did show to us (was) how difficult it is to keep social a social distance of 1.5 meters (4.9 feet).”  CNN shared the story of this one business owner’s creativity.  I wonder how many will follow it.  It certainly is hilarious.  I’m curious how you can have a serious business meeting at a restaurant when your boss and your co-workers are wearing pool noodles.  It would help lighten the mood a bit and maybe force us to take ourselves less seriously.  Don’t be surprised if you see me strolling along Hampton Beach with a straw hat outfitted with pool noodles.  This may be the fashion statement of the year.



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