Technology is removing snow days in one state, will New Hampshire be next?

In the 21st century, many adults are able to work from home during inclement weather. One state is adopting the same policy for school children. During the dog days of summer, the furthest thing from the mind of vacationing students is what they'll do on a snow day. However, if the Granite State follows the path of South Carolina, they might be in for a rude awakening.

According to KDKA, a South Carolina school district is already planning to eliminate their student’s snow days. Anderson District 5 will be the first district in the state to closing school in dangerous winter weather. In this new system, kids will not be sledding or participating in mass snowball fights. Instead, they will participate in an “eLearning” day. Teachers will reportedly send assignments to their student’s computers and will be able to monitor their progress online. Students won't even need an internet connection, as they will access assignments via their Chromebooks, which do not require internet service.

If adopted locally, it wouldn't be a total shock. Some students in New Hampshire are familiar with "blizzard bags." According to WCSH, when a storm is said to be coming, teachers prepare Blizzard Bags with assignments for students to work on, at home, if school is canceled.



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