Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has suggested something interesting, according to WMUR on behalf of WCVB Boston - if residents see a house party happening near them, call 911.

This is all in response to what Mayor Walsh says are violations of COVID-19 safety rules, which is causing him to make enforcement more strict. WCVB reported that he's even talking about visiting businesses to make sure they are in line with rules and regulations mandated by the city and state.

With Maine and New Hampshire more or less an extension of Boston (and with decent city hubs of our own like Portland and Portsmouth), could we (and should we) be on our way to seeing the same thing?

Earlier this week, according to two separate WMUR reports, Pinkerton Academy in Derry was forced to cancel the rest of their fall sports season and suspend their hybrid system to go all remote (at least until the end of the month, when they'll evaluate the situation), due to a student who still went to school after being exposed to a classmate who tested positive for COVID. And NH also just suspended all indoor hockey activity for two weeks, per the news station, after over 150 people associated with the sport tested positive in the last two months.

Halloween is coming up, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then New Year's -- all holidays that are generally celebrated in groups of friends and/or family. Add to that birthdays and other reasons for gathering, and the opportunity for COVID to spread -- well, spreads.

It's a fine line to walk, though. Do we let people live their own lives and have people over to their own houses for gatherings, running the risk that COVID could be contracted and spread around the community? Or do we all essentially flashback to the childhood days of being a tattle-tale, call 911 and have authorities get involved with other peoples' decisions and gatherings to try and help the greater good and stop the spread? What do you think?

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