I call every Tuesday 'Ticked Off Tuesday' for one reason: I allow myself to complain about things that I normally brush off.

Last Tuesday was ALL about phone usage. I was traveling from Boston's Logan Airport to Key West. Between airports, the main street in Key West, and everywhere else in between, the biggest complaint I had was about cell phones.

Everywhere I walked, people had their heads down looking at videos, directions, texting, etc. It infuriated me. As someone who tries to be on their phone less and less, I was appalled to see that the average person spends 5.4 hours on their phones each day.

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But maybe you would cut that 5.4 hours down to 0.0 minutes if it meant cash money.

The company Siggi's is challenging you to go phoneless for one month, and paying out  $10,000 if someone can do it. Can you?

Let's back it up. Siggi's is a yogurt company from Iceland that has started making waves in New York and other parts of the US.

Recently, they have gone viral for a contest they are starting next month. The contest is a digital detox where participants have to give up their smartphones for one month.

Hot take: Sorry New Hampshire, but someone from Maine is going to win this contest.

And if you do win this, according to Siggi's website, the prize pack includes:

  • $10,000.00
  • Smartphone lockbox
  • Good ol' fashioned flip phone
  • 1 Month pre-paid sim card
  • 3 Months' worth of siggi's yogurt

Now, why do I think someone from Maine is winning this contest? Obviously I'm rooting for my New England states. I am rooting for anyone who enters this contest that is from New England, no doubt.

That said, people from Maine use their phones less than 41 other states, according to an Early Bird article. Maine ranks 42nd in most time spent with their cell phone, only behind Kentucky, Alaska, Wyoming, Iowa, Montana, Wisconsin, South Dakota, and West Virginia.

So, if anyone from New England is to succeed, I'm betting on the state with the least usage...Maine.

To enter the contest and see all of the rules and regulations, click here.

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