(Dover, NH) - I have working been in radio for over 45 years, and there are only a few positions I have never wanted to try. Sales is one, and climbing towers is the other!

Don Briand photo
Don Briand photo

The tower behind out Dover studios is just shy of 500-feet tall.  Think of a 50-story building, it's that tall. Several times a year, someone has to climb to the top, checking the guy wires and the lights.

Today is one of those days, and I got dizzy watching this guy climb all the way to the top.  It takes about a half hour up and then a half hour down, carefully finding his footing for each step.

I'm not afraid of heights, but these towers do sway a bit  from side to side.

My Mom always used to say, " It wouldn't be the 500 foot drop that would get you, it would be the sudden stop."

I am sure the view is spectacular, so next time, I'll ask the guy to take a picture from the top.



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