Sizzl is like Tinder, only crispier and more delicious. We present the dating app for people who love bacon. Y'know, just about everyone.

The dating service from Oscar Meyer has features you won't find on other dating sites, like a sizzle meter for measuring your interest in a prospective date. Suppose someone claims they don't like bacon? The app has that covered, there is button to report that someone "Doesn't Like Bacon."  You can't smell patchouli on the internet, so this is how they weed out any vegans who signed up.

Yes, this is a truly functional dating app but we can't guarantee the same for your dates. If your love of bacon is strong, there's an app for that! Unfortunately, there are drawbacks as Sizzl is only available for iPhones (boo!) and Kevin Bacon is not an official spokesperson. He totally should be, Oscar Meyer, make it happen.


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