Is This The Best Pancake Place in NH?
Pancakes. The quintessential breakfast food. Let's just be honest...any food that can be eaten and equally enjoyed at any time of the day, deserves to be on the Mt. Rushmore of food.
Cafe Espresso's Breakfast Love
It's true...Dave Hadwen, owner of Café Espresso, loves to cook. He loves his customers. And he wants to make sure none of them leave his restaurant hungry or unhappy. All I can say is...mission accomplished!
104 New Emojis
Have you ever felt like the emoji that you'd like to use to express yourself does not exist? Well Apple is here to solve your first world problems!
No Love for Bacon
I love bacon. As a matter of fact, I don't think in my lifetime, I have met anyone who doesn't love bacon (vegetarians, aside).