Boy, I learned so much on the morning show today. JC and I opened up the phone lines and asked our listeners what regional slang terms they use.

These are words might be commonplace to you but when you say them outside of where you are from people stare at you like you just sprouted antennas.

I got seriously educated on slang terms of New Hampshire, Maine and beyond.

Here are a few we heard this morning:

"Beatah" - A crappy old car

"D'yaeat?" - Translation: did you eat

"Y'oughtoo" - Translation: You ought to

"Camp" - A cabin on a lake in Maine 

"Butt" - A cigarette

"Ayuh" - Yes

"Door yard" - The area immediately outside your front door

"Cubby" - Glove compartment in a car

"Buggy" - A shopping cart

"Wicked' - Very

"Grinder" - A submarine sandwich

"Cumbies" - Cumberland Farms convenience store

"Tonic" - Any soda

"Tag Sale" - When folks sell items in their front yard (aka a Yard Sale)

Well there you have it! Have any that aren't on our list? Please feel free to add them in the comments section.

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