I've never tried snowmobiling but it looks like the best time ever. I get excited just seeing photos and watching videos of people snowmobiling, I can't imagine the sheer joy I would feel trying it myself! But from what I understand it's a pretty expensive hobby. Buying the contraption, finding a place to store it, then investing in the appropriate clothing, that is a commitment!

SledVentures in Lincoln, New Hampshire, takes the stress out of snowmobiling. According to Onlyinyourstate,com, you can rent a snowmobile for the day and enjoy one of their many guided tours. Need Winter garb? They've got you covered (literally!) I'm talking gloves, hats, snow pants, are all available to rent! And they have sizes for the whole family even the small humans.

Can you think of a more New England-ish date than driving through the snow covered trails with your beloved? I CAN'T!

Oh, you have family visiting and want to show them that we can have fun in New England in the Winter time? Take them to SledVentures!

While New England Winters can be relentless, grueling and a pain in the lower back, it is also extremely beautiful and sometimes we need a little reminder of that. A day at SledVentures will restore your love affair with Winter. I sometimes forget we live somewhere that people travel really far to experience! We should appreciate it.

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