New Hampshire's own Sarah Silverman was the host of NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' over the weekend. Sarah Silverman has long been a huge Joan Rivers fan so the tribute is no surprise.These are always tough situations. If you pay tribute to someone with a comedy skit, you run the risk of having it blow up in your face. The concept is an old-style Dean Martin TV roast of a star. Current roasts are on cable's Comedy Central and follow the same format in a much less formal setting.

The concept behind this roast is that it's taking place in the after-life. Pretty cool since we get so see Sarah's 'Joan' go after Steve Jobs, Ben Franklin and Adam Levine's take on Freddie Mercury. To be honest, Sarah didn't do the best job of reading her lines but I think it's nice that Silverman wanted to pay homage to the late Ms. Rivers.

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