Since 1975, NBC's Saturday Night Live has been on the air every week bringing laughter, comedic relief, political satire, and more to viewers around the world.

Generations have watched SNL live on Saturday night, in reruns, or on YouTube. The show is kept fresh with current musical guests, and comedic skits which often go viral or become epic social media memes.

This has been going on for years. Who could forget "The Coneheads", or John Belushi as a bee, or the Dan Aykroyd as the Norge repairman.  Those are from the early years, but there are plenty of newer ones like "More Cowbell", "Wayne's World", "Celebrity Jeopardy", and of course, the popular "Weekend Update".

In 2018, SNL produced a skit around a popular truck stop restaurant in Maine, and you can still find it up on their website.

Dana Edelson/NBC via Getty Images
Dana Edelson/NBC via Getty Images

It seems there was a television commercial produced for Dysart's Restaurant in Hermon, Maine, and there were a whole lot of bloopers.  The commercial shoot was by produced by Sutherland Weston Marketing.

The restaurant decided to release a hysterical blooper reel, but the best part was when SNL producers found it and actually did a spoof on the original reel.

Here's the original video of bloopers with regular customers Jack and Sonya:

After you watch the above video, watch this version produced and aired on Saturday Night Live.

Dysart's opened in 1967, and is known for their butter flaky pie crusts.  Now don't you feel like making the drive to find out just how good the blueberry pie is?

The fact that SNL did a spoof on a Maine TV commercial is giving me a great big smile right now.  How about you?

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