I love a story with a happy ending.

A Merrimack, NH worker got a surprise when he visited a work site for a new house and found a baby fawn trapped in the foundation of an unfinished basement.

Merrimack Fire Department were called to the scene and posted about it on their Facebook page.

According to their post, the baby fawn was unable to get out because the walls were so high. She appeared to be stressed out and was running from wall to wall, with nowhere to go.

The Fire Department was able to successfully the rescue the fawn and return her to her mama who was waiting on the wood line!  Check out their post:

I feel like we've been seeing a lot of stories of wildlife in places you wouldn't expect!

According to popsci.com, that's because we're paying more attention and the streets being quieter is also a factor.

Wildlife Biologist Joanna Lambert tells Popular Science:

 ���One of the hallmarks of species that live near or within human settlements is that they are very behaviorally flexible and responsive to these kinds of changes.”

Lambert says that normally wild animals try to avoid people:

"They're very sensitive to the presence of other species around, humans are often treated by animal species as a predator … they will be very sensitive in terms of the time of day that they're coming out and they will be most active when humans are least active.”

I guess the foundation of a basement looked like a good place to explore for this baby fawn because no one was around.

Luckily, we have people like the Merrimack, NH Fire Department to come to the rescue!

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