I remember as a kid going with my mom on the weekend and just driving around looking for yard sales.  At first, I always complained about it. As a kid, I didn't want anything that wasn't brand new.

But after going a few times, and realizing what a deal you could find on almost new stuff it became addicting.  Plus, it's one of the few times you can haggle over a price and not feel bad, because that's almost expected!

You never know what kind of secret treasure you're going to find.  One of my biggest scores as a kid was finding almost new Breyer statue horses that would normally go for $20-$30 for just five bucks each!

If you love a good yard sale, and trying to hunt out a great bargain, I've found some tag sales in our area on yardsalesearch.com that are happening this weekend.  The tag sales are all respecting social distancing and asking that you please wear a mask as you look for your treasure!

Check out some of the sales I found:

Great Yard Sales This Weekend

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