I’ve never seen anything like this before.

I’ve seen the IV drip bags that people use to cure a hangover, but not in a place like this. A restaurant?

I think it’s hilarious that someone had the guts to do that.

According to Boston.com, these guys set up 6 hydration stations in the restaurant in Massachusetts. You can fill your pie hole full up the greasy food and get the IV drip at the same time to get you past that hangover.

This has happened in New York, Las Vegas and other places.

So why not Coppersmith in South Boston?

Boston.com reported that this was the second New Year’s Day Hydration Brunch for the restaurant. And it was set up by two nurses who work with the I.V. hydration company IV League.

Now, I’m always a bit weary of needles going into me at a place other than a doctor’s office or hospital.

But I guess if you’re really that desperate and need to be un-hungover….then I can see it.

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