Matthew Champy shared the above photo on the u local New Hamphire Facebook page. This majestic creature was spotted trotting around Main St. right outside the Woodstock Inn Brewery. According to Matthew, she was on the hunt for a cold beer to wash down all those sticks and leaves. Jokes, people. No one is feeding this mooose beer. Even if we wanted to the bars are closed.

We have been ordered to stay home to flatten the curve. As a result there is significantly fewer cars on the road and less people walking around. We may see more wildlife wandering into cities due to the lack of human activity.

This photo reminded me how lucky we are to live in New Hampshire. Also the comments made me giggle pretty hard. Here are some of my favorites:

Kristina Orben She's looking for a room and a drink 😂

Melody Marie Luciano Norris He's just stopping in for a beer!! Frankly, I would ID him. He looks far too young to me!! LMAO!!

David Campanella Obviously waiting or half priced apps. Unless it’s Thursday for chicken parm. She has been hanging in Alpine quite a bit.

Karen Corriveau Cassin "Hey, is my dad in there?" - the moose

On a more serious note, Main Street in North Woodstock isn't the safest place for this moose to be roaming. We hope she finds her way back to the woods safely.

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