Home is where the heart is, right?

Well, we want to make sure you get a big ol' gift for it this Valentine's Day. How does $1,000 in furniture from Cardi's Furniture and Mattresses in Seabrook, New Hampshire, sound?

Maybe you can have a new comfy couch to curl up on while watching a romantic movie (or maybe a scary one is more up your alley)? Maybe you can have a new dining room table for a special dine-in date night?

Whatever you're thinking, the store is yours.

But how can you win this lovely prize?

If you're reading this on our app, all you have to do is fill out the form below and tell us something that you love to enter! Pretty simple, huh?

Otherwise, you need to make sure you download our app, as that is the only place you can enter the contest. Once you've downloaded it, be sure to find the button in the very center black bar on the main page titled "Valentine's."

Click on that button and you'll be taken to this page where you can then fill out the contest form.

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Contest ends Sunday, February 13. Three winners will be contacted on Monday, February 14.

So make sure you start thinking of all the things you love. You know, like your significant other, your mom, your puppy, your favorite book, Maine, candy...the list can go on and on, but only you know what you love the most.

Make sure to fill out the form and let us know!

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