It's always interesting to hear people's thoughts on New Hampshire, whether they're lifelong locals, new residents, or visiting tourists.

In the past, we've talked about things that shock people after moving to New Hampshire, what people say when they hear you're from New Hampshire, things you should never do in New Hampshire, and even things you'll only understand if you live in New Hampshire. These conversations made it clear that there are countless things only us locals can understand and relate to, and these experiences bring us together in humorous ways.

But what about the unpopular opinions you might have about the Granite State? The 'hot takes', if you will?

Maybe you think New Hampshire maple syrup is overrated, and tastes just like "regular" maple syrup. Perhaps you'd prefer to snuggle under a blanket with a book in the wintertime rather than play outdoor sports. Maybe (dare we say it) you prefer other ice cream brands to Ben & Jerry's.

Whatever the case may be, we went on Facebook to ask some brave souls for their New Hampshire hot takes. Let's look at some of the responses. Do any of these hit home for you?

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