It’s a gamble Andre Carrier is hoping will pay off big.  Chief Operating Officer of Eureka Casino Resorts based in Nevada Andre Carrier is putting all his chips on the newly renovated Greyhound Casino and Tavern in Seabrook, New Hampshire.  Seacoastonline reports that Greyhound Casino and Tavern is in line to get one of 10 coveted licenses for sports betting in New Hampshire.


New Hampshire became the 9th state to legalize sports betting earlier this year allowing for up to 10 licenses for betting on pro sports and some Division I college sports.  There is competition for those 10 licensees including Ocean Gaming at Hampton Beach.  Vendors and bidders will have “first-rate entertainment venues with commercially appealing locations, atmosphere and décor” according to the State.  Millions have been spent remodeling the property where Greyhound Casino & Tavern are located.

According to seacoastonline sports betting is projected to produce around $7.5 million for education in 2021 and even more in following years.  A part of the fund will also be used to support those with a gambling problem and provide prevention and treatment for problem gamblers.  It’s a gamble the owners of Greyhound Casino & Tavern are hoping to win.



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