Squirrels taking over bird feeders is a tale as old as time. Just this past weekend, my father was lamenting about the squirrels that are cleaning out his feeders and leaving no food for the birds! HOW SELFISH! My dad, being a bird enthusiast, really wants to make sure that the birdseed goes to the birds. He has even gone as far as to put Crisco on the pole of the bird feeder in hopes that the squirrels won't be able to make it up but no such luck! These squirrels must be trained gymnasts. He also put red pepper flakes in the bird seed because he heard the squirrels are fond of spicy food but the birds don't mind. Again, that didn't work. It seemed like the squirrels came back more frequently after that. I guess those Cape Cod squirrels like their food with a little kick.

But this a problem in all rural neighborhoods, not just at my parents house in Falmouth, Massachusetts. Kendra Disilva from West Ossippee New Hampshire, shared this video of a squirrel shacking up in her bird feeder. He seems to think if he stays extremely still she won't know he is there but clearly, the jig is up.

People enjoyed this video immensely. Here is what they are saying:

Cindy Romstead: Wow, I have a hard time opening this to fill it! It's the squirrelantor! 😂

Rebecca Blair: They’re smart little critters I tell you. I have squirrel proof feeders in my yard. They’ve managed to find a way into every one of them. At least they’re cute!

Then Tysha posted a video in the comments! She put cayenne pepper in her bird feeder and the squirrel was NOT a fan. He dropped almost 10 ft. :( Hope the little guy is okay.

Do you have squirrels that feast on your bird feeders? What do you do to keep them away? (if anything)

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