One movie gets a lot of attention for the wrong reasons. Now, just hear me out, I actually do really enjoy this movie and yes, it is for the wrong reasons. I mean this movie has been deemed the worst movie ever made. The acting isn't great, the dialogue isn't any better, heck, it is mainly filmed in one location, plus if you look closely, you will notice that all the picture frames are filled with pictures of utensils (like no one cared to change out the photo after buying the frame). If you do not know what movie I am talking about, it is called "The Room" and it was written, directed, and even starred Tommy Wiseau.

With iconic lines such as "Oh, hi Mark," "Hi doggie," and "I did not hit her, it's not true, it's bull****, I did not hit her, I did not," "The Room" has fans hooked.

"The Room" has a huge cult following, so much so, that I cannot even seem to find the DVD at Bull Moose (I guess people are not willing to part with the worst movie ever made). Not only that, but actors James Franco and Dave Franco were in a 2017 film called "The Disaster Artist" that acts as a documentary of "The Room."

Honestly, I would probably write a whole article about this movie as I have seen it many times and even participated in some of the actions that followers partake in while seeing the movie screened, such as throwing spoons whenever one of those utensil photos appear, but I will not do that to you.

Instead, we are going to talk about one of the stars from "The Room," Greg Sestero, shared on social media that caught my eye.

Now, vanity plates are nothing new to us, but this New Hampshire plate is perfection to any fan of "The Room." I mean come on, it even caught Greg's attention.

I was not lying when I stated that one of the most iconic lines from the movie is "Oh, hi Mark," and this license plate proves it.

Now, if you haven't seen "The Room" you may think that you are not missing out on much, however, there are a lot of people out there, myself included, that would disagree with you. Need a taste of what the movie is like, well you can watch the trailer below.

"The Room" was meant to be a drama, however it turned into a cult classic comedy film.

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