It's not everyday a couple of Hollywood actors grace us with their presence in the WOKQ studio. Ian Harding and Huw Collins from the hit show Pretty Little Liars are just about as nice as they come. We had a fantastic conversation about what Christian Bale is really like, their connection to New Hampshire and the importance of voting for this election and every election that comes after this.

Ian was in the movie Ford v Ferrari with Christian Bale and he said Christian could not have been nicer! He pulled Ian aside the first day that they filmed together and told him that his daughter LOVED Pretty Little Liars. As an actor and human being that has to feel pretty awesome.

Ian's family has vacationed in New Hampshire, specifically the Lakes Region, since before he was born. And Huw, who is originally from across the pond, has ties here because his wife Molly Shaheen hails from the Granite State. The two own a few businesses together in New England.

Both blokes hold New Hampshire very near and dear to their hearts which is why they have been donating their time to have conversations with students at UNH about how important it is to vote.

The actors urge the people of New Hampshire to have the difficult conversations. Huw eloquently explains that it is okay to have disagreements when you are discussing political matters. We just need to get to a place where people can disagree civilly.

We talked WAY too long for a morning show segment so here is the raw unedited interview with Ian Harding and Huw Collins. We can't thank them enough for stopping by on election day and taking the time to chat with us.

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