The Derry chapter say they understand the need for relocation, and want to find a permanent home to serve the community.

The Derry Salvation Army has been in it's present location on Folsom Road for only a year, but due to eminent domain, it will be forced into a new location. According to WMUR News 9, State officials said it would acquire the domain through eminent domain for a project on Exit 4A on I-93. The location had just renovated the basement for a new food pantry.

Salvation Army Lt. Kimberly Clark told WMUR News 9, "We are not trying to be upset with anyone," Clark said. "We are not upset. We understand that this is what is happening and that it will happen, and really, all we want is to be able to move and to continue to serve and do what God has placed us here to do."

The state of New Hampshire paid them a half million for the property. but Clark says that won't be enough for what they need, telling WMUR "We have been looking, and everything that surrounds us that would be able to make us whole is about $800,000 or above, which makes it difficult."

The road project, expected to take years will begin next summer.


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