Whenever you see an exotic creature walking around in your backyard your first instinct might be to call the local fish and game department. You fear they may be lost or in danger and you are just trying to look out for Mother Earth and all of her godly creatures.

I feel you!

But if you are a Granite Stater, the NH Fish and Game department would like you to knock it off. Of course, they didn't word it as harshly as I just did.

According to Boston.com the The New Hampshire Fish and Game department have been hearing from hundreds of people a day. They tell every single person the same thing when they call.

Please watch wildlife from a distance. Enjoy yourself! Get that fancy camera out and shoot your own National Geographic style pictures.

But you don't have to call and tell them about it.


The article states that many people have been calling to report Fox sightings. If a fox is out and about during the daytime, it doesn't mean they are sick or rabid. They are most likely looking for food for their young and/or themselves.

Do not feed wildlife, pet them, take them into your home and name them, this is all frowned upon and beyond that illegal!

I know it is tempting to help a cute baby animal but the best thing to do is leave them alone. Please read this article released by the NH Fish and Game if you need more information. Allow me to summarize it for you. LEAVE THE WILDLIFE ALONE. Thank you for coming to my Ted talk.

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