You may remember a story we featured on our "Good Stuff" segment a few weeks ago about a 7-year-old girl from Manchester, New Hampshire, named Lilyana (Lily). To refresh your memory, Lily was concerned about front line workers during the Covid-19 pandemic. So she decided to do something about it! Lilyana played ukulele in her driveway and collected for Elliot hospital. Who can resist a precious song bird strumming away for a great cause?. Neighbors and family members came by to watch Lily perform and donate. Lily raised $4,000 that is went directly to Elliot Health System.

If you can believe it, we have even MORE good news about this story. One of our listeners, Todd Civin, was listening to Chio and Kira in the Morning when we shared the story about Lily. Todd is an author of children's books. Though his genre is normally writing about those with differences or disabilities, he was captivated by the story about Lilyana Roman. He reached out to Lily's mom Ashley to ask permission to adapt Lily's story into a book. Ashley was okay with Todd making her baby girl a big star!

The book "The Ukulele in Her Hands" inspired by Lilyana Roman, is now available for pre order here. Now Lily will have this fantastic keepsake that she can share with her children one day! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!

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