I've seen dogs and cats get rescued.  I've seen a small bear get rescued from a telephone pole.  I've never seen a beaver get rescued.

I've already named this one I'm about to talk about.  Beaver's name is Chio after our morning guy here on WOKQ.

He just looks like a Chio to me, and the Chio I know might get stranded himself like that one day with all the hiking he does.  ha.

WCBV has a great video of the rescue HERE.

I couldn't believe that "Chio" had been out just kinda hanging on a limb like that.

Apparently he got himself stranded on a rock in Wellesley right above some rushing water, according to the news station.  Looks like the "Chio" had been stranded for a few days, people called in about it, and the Wellesley Animal Control Rescue folks sprang into action, WCBV added.

Believe it or not these professionals have a method to catching animals like this.


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