According to, nothing beats the sunrise at Lake Winnipesaukee.

I beg to differ.  Although the sunrises are spectacular along Lake Winnipesaukee, I prefer the ocean.  Each weekend I take the drive along Route 1A between Portsmouth and Rye to watch the sunrise and meditate.

Since I get up early in the morning to do the show, I try and keep my sleep schedule the same on the weekends which usually means my wife is asleep.  She’s a night owl and I am a morning bird.

There is something breathtaking about the sunrise on the Atlantic along Route 1A between Portsmouth and Rye with so many little spots to duck into and park your car.  I love taking a stroll especially at this time of year when all is quiet.  I sit quietly and do my meditation on a rock and do my and breathing exercises. I can feel the sense of calm just wash over me.  Watching the sunrise and listening to the waves crash on the rocks is just so soothing and it puts things in perspective for me.  It makes me realize how small my problems are compared with the vastness of the ocean and that no matter what, the sun will rise.

Take my advice.  Put your phone on silent and take a drive along Route 1A and just admire the pure beauty of nature.  2020 was a year when we got caught up in the panic of the pandemic and polarizing politics.  Take a break from it all and refresh and start the New Year out right with a beach trip or a lake trip to see the sunrise, even in Winter, which can be so restoring.

Here are some tips for self-care during the pandemic:

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