Taking a walk in the forest is always an adventure and always a great experience to be had. Make the most of a walk in the woods with this AirBNB experience right out of the State of Maine where you get to congregate with ponies, corgis and fairies.

Jennifer via airbnb

The Airbnb host, Jennifer, will take you for a 90 minute walk in BlissWood Forest right on the coastal Maine town of Penobscot in a magical adventure through the forest.

You'll be joined by the company of your host along with beautiful ponies and adorable corgis to have a walk through the woods like you've never experienced before.

Jennifer via airbnb

The journey will lead you to a fairy village that will have the wonders of your imagination going.  Adding to the mystical walk, your host will be telling stories of folklore and legends as you tromp through the forest with your furry companions.

Take in the fresh air and make some new friends with the ponies and corgis. You'll be able to take photos of your memorable journey and get some cuddle time with the adorable crew.

Jennifer via airbnb

This adventure is perfect for kids who like to run through the forest and play with their imagination as well as the young at heart who want to create a wonderland in the Maine forest.

Jennifer via airbnb

Find out more about this Airbnb experience at the 'Forest Fairies with Corgis and Ponies' profile on Airbnb and take in the Maine forest like you never have before. And, who knows, maybe you can bring a fairy home.

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