One thing that has not been canceled due to coronavirus is the New Hampshire Turkey Hunt! According to, the spring turkey season will kick off this weekend with the youth turkey hunt on Saturday, April 25 and Sunday, April 26. This gives time for the kids to bag a bird before spring season kicks off from May 1 through May 31.

Some things that Fish and Game want you to keep in mind this year is how many people may be in the woods trying to get some recreational hiking and walking due to the coronavirus. There may be more people in the woods attempting to practice social distancing and choose remote spots to get away from people.

They recommend, according to, that you choose to hunt locally in woods that you know well and make certain of your target and what lies beyond it before firing. Do a little scouting of your location before you head out for the hunt. Don’t forget to register your bird online. The spring turkey hunt season took in 5,092 birds this year. I am anxious to see how many NH hunters take in this year. Be safe out there and have fun!


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