Warning: These videos are so cute, they might make insane noises come out of your mouth.

Taylor Swift recently paid a visit to Boston Children's Hospital, which is where she met 6-year-old Jordan Brave -- a fitting name for little Jordan, who is battling cancer and should also be dubbed the Cutest Little Boy in the Entire World.

"I know you always sing stuff for people!" Jordan exclaimed when he first greeted the 'I Knew You Were Trouble' singer. And when Taylor explained that she wanted to sing something for him, little Jordan couldn't contain his excitement.

"Oh, thank you!" he cried happily. "Let's do it!"

After chatting away about Spider-Man and deciding what song to sing, Taylor and Jordan did get to it. She danced around while performing 'We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,' which, of course, Jordan excitedly sang along to, chiming in on the chorus.

Taylor and Jordan even got a little more playful during their visit, playing a match of air hockey together in a sweet video that Jordan's family shared on his Facebook page.

"Just a little air hockey with Taylor!" they captioned the video. "She's an amazing person that brightened our sunshine's day!!!"

While Taylor may have brightened Jordan's day, little Jordan definitely brightened Taylor's, too -- as well as anyone who has now seen their adorable videos together.

Watch Taylor and Jordan sing together in the video above, and check out the twosome playing air hockey together (and snap a sweet pic) in the photo and the video below.

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