Did you hear that? Oh, that was just the sound of Taylor Swift absolutely killing (in a good way) her first live performance of 'Shake It Off' at the 2014 MTV VMAs tonight (Aug. 24).

Taylor definitely amped up the sexiness during her flawless performance, donning a silver sparkly crop top with matching high-waisted shorts, shimmying all over the stage as a wealth of backup hotties in suits danced perfectly behind her.

The '1989' singer not only looked amazing, she also sounded just as great, nailing that one long note after the bridge (you know which one!). And we couldn't help but laugh as she refused to jump down off of a higher platform on the stage, choosing instead to walk down the stairs and also make a kind of hilarious reference to Nicki Minaj's backup dancer being bitten by a snake during rehearsals.

And what we loved most about Taylor's performance was the fact that she took her song's message to heart -- it was more than clear that on stage, she was having way more fun than the haters. Work it, girl!

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