Taylor Swift officially makes the most money in the music industry.

According to Billboard, the 24-year-old singer claimed the numero uno spot on their list, which means that she beat out the likes of Beyonce, Justin Timberlake and The Rolling Stones (all in the Top 10) for the top spot.]

The way the Billboard 'Money Makers' chart works is like this: they calculated the amount of money earned from touring, music sales, publishing sales, digital music sales and video streaming. Swift earned more than $39 million last year -- and that doesn't even include the profit she made from merchandise, branding and sponsorships. Wow!

In addition to those in the top 10, Swift also beat out her peers, including Justin Bieber (who placed #11, earning almost $19 million) and One Direction (#13 at $18 mil). And to make her win even more impressive, we should remember that T. Swift also beat out classic acts like Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones and Fleetwood Mac -- artists who have been making music and performing decades before she was even born.

Chalk one up for T. Swizzle!

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