Talk about a feel-good story! This right here is why I love living in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is a small-town state. Sure, we have Manchester and Nashua, but we're also surrounded by tiny towns where everyone knows everyone.

These are the kinds of towns where people leave their front door open, and where everyone is pulling for little Tommy during his baseball game.

You get it.

Well, I just found out that Walpole, New Hampshire, does the coolest small-town thing ever: a Teddy Bear Parade.

This event is exactly what it sounds like: a parade for teddy bears. But more importantly, it is a parade for kiddos in the Walpole area to show off THEIR teddy bear, THEIR stuffed animal, and THEIR best friend.

This is what it looks like:

I mean, how adorable is this?!

According to the event website, the parade will start at the Distant Hill Nature Trail (66 March Hill Road in Alstead, NH).

The event is only an hour-and-a-half, so it is a perfect little day trip centered around your little one and their stuffed friend.

The highlight might be the parade in the woods. However, there is more to this special and fun day.

Miss Julie of The Walpole Town Library (aka Julie Rios) will be reading a story and leading the kiddos in songs and merriment after the parade, according to the event website.

Families are encouraged to bring the wagon, pack a lunch, and spend the day together in the community. I cannot stress how much I love this event.

The Teddy Bear Parade will be held on July 13, 2024, from 10-11am.

Events like these make me proud to be a part of New Hampshire. Should other towns adopt this adorable concept?

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