Safety is important to everyone when thinking about where they're going to live and put down roots. In the state of Maine, the concern over dangerous criminals and violent crimes is relatively modest compared to other states in the country. It's for good reason, too. According to SafeWise, Maine has the lowest violent crime rate in the entire nation for the second straight year. Even with minimal violent crime in 2021, Maine was one of 22 states in the nation that saw a drop in violent crime in 2022. But there's more to the story.

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The other key element when it comes to safety in towns and cities is property theft. What places in Maine boast low rates of trespass, burglary, and other crimes pertaining to property? If you're worried about those types of crimes, Maine's property crime rate is below 12%, which is more than seven points under the the national average.

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One of the more curious findings from SafeWise's most recent study is Maine's fear of crime versus reality. Despite violent crime rates dropping in 2022, more Mainers than ever acquired personal protection of some sort. That could be home alarms, pepper spray, or firearms. In 2021, roughly 22% of the state owned personal protection of some kind. In 2022, that number jumped to 39%.

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Overall statistics only tell part of the story. When you begin grinding down the states town by town, city by city, it becomes clear which places in Maine stand out above the rest as the safest ones to call home. Let's take a look at the safest places in Maine to live right now.

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