Manchester, New Hampshire Skyline

Is Big Brother Watching You?

According to, Manchester, New Hampshire, had plans to install surveillance cameras in its downtown area, but the ACLU has said that the surveillance cameras are against New Hampshire’s own law passed in 2006.

While the City wants to reduce crime and feels that the cameras will aid in keeping its residents safe, the article states, others don’t want government interference in our private lives.

The cameras, which were slated to be installed in the City Hall area, would be capable of capturing license plates and even your face.

While the law allows for toll booth cameras to capture your license plate, according to WMUR, the toll booths are the only exception to the 2006 statute.

The ACLU is suing the City regarding the cameras because they feel it violates our right to privacy.

It brings an interesting question to mind; would you trade your privacy for safety?  Since 9/11 we have given up many rights to privacy when we are traveling in airports.  The question becomes how far will we go to feel safe?  I

t’s an interesting one sure to divide many.

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