This won't be for some of you, and that's okay. Some people believe the universe works in mysterious ways, and others don't. There really isn't any particular right or wrong way to view something like this.

But this turn-around to the day definitely wasn't on my bingo card today, and it just seemed way too interesting to not share. Hopefully it brings the same smile to your face that it did mine, and gives you the same reminder to not get worked up over such meaningless stuff that it did for me.

Photo by Derrick Treadwell on Unsplash / Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash
Photo by Derrick Treadwell on Unsplash / Photo by Cristina Gottardi on Unsplash

Every morning, I drive down the same highway (295) to get to our offices in Portland, Maine, located inside of One City Center in Monument Square. Typically, I'll hop off Exit 6A to head toward Monument Square from Forest Avenue.

If you've driven that stretch of 295, you know it gets wonky trying to get off in that area, since its one of those genius cloverleaf-type stretch of highways where the on-ramp from Exit 6B and off-ramp to Exit 6A actually overlap, making it one giant cluster trying to get on and off 295 at the same time.

Basically, if you're not in the right lane before you hit Exit 6B so you can make sure you're in position to hop off Exit 6A, you're all kinds of screwed, just because of all the congestion and bottle necking that can happen in that area.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Well, this morning, I had no opening to get into the right lane in time to get off Exit 6A, so I missed the exit. Thankfully, there's no lack of exits on 295 to eventually make your way to the Old Port, so I eventually got there. But it was just one of those really meaningless things that was an annoying start to the day.

Fast forward to parking on the top floor of the parking garage and hopping on the elevator to ride all the way down to the ground level, only to stop two floors down -- another really minor annoyance, but coupled with the missing the exit one, and the day started off in a real irritating way.

Oh, hi! Do you mind if I get on the elevator?

I looked up to meet eyes with the most adorable looking woman that could have been somewhere between my mother and grandmother's age, motioning her in and mentioning that the question wasn't needed since it was a public elevator.

Well, I feel like courtesy is a forgotten thing these days, so I always like to make sure.

I agreed, but I don't think she was ready for the...unique delivery that I can tend to have when being honest but also trying to create a comedic moment.

Honestly, anyone that has ever rejected you from riding in the same elevator as them deserves a swift kick to the junk, and anytime I'm in an elevator, please know you're always welcome, no questions asked.

I'm not sure she was ready for the "junk kicking" portion of the conversation, but I got the laugh I was shooting for, and she extended the same invite to me if she was ever in an elevator that I was trying to hop into. And it wasn't until we had reached our destination when I realized this complete stranger had changed my entire perspective in the matter of 20 seconds.

I'm normally someone who likes to speed off the elevator, get inside the building, and get right to work. The quicker I check the boxes, the quicker I can complete the work portion of the day and get back to the personal life part. But, as she invited me to go first off the elevator because she "doesn't move as quickly as years past," I rejected her offer.

Please, ladies' first. I'm a bit old fashioned and I'm in no rush.

The only regret I have is that when we both exited the path that leads out to Monument Square, we exchanged our "goodbyes" and "have a good days," I hit my normal quick pace like I would any other day, instead of walking on pace with her for a couple more minutes of conversation.

But it was as we were exiting the elevator together that I realized -- had I never missed my exit this morning, I wouldn't have had the chance to be in the presence of this adorable woman.

Which, in my opinion anyway, goes to show that things truly do happen for a reason.

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