Whew, that was an icy situation. I saw the story yesterday about a deer stuck on the ice behind the Common Man restaurant in Claremont from WMUR 9 and was waiting for an update before writing about it. Hooray! The Deer eventually got him or herself safely off the ice. Not gonna lie, the video posted on WMUR 9 looked heartbreaking.

Residents in the area became very concerned and contacted New Hampshire Fish and Game to see if a rescue could be attempted. Fish and Game, local police and fire were monitoring the deer’s dire situation and warned any well-wishers that they could be themselves in danger in any attempt to help the deer from where she was stuck.

The icy water has a very quick current next to where the deer was trapped. Rescue crews decided to wait until later that evening to attempt to help the animal. Turns out sometimes animals get themselves into situations and they can resolve it on their own. Thankfully this was one of those times and the deer somehow made it off the ice on his or her own.


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