The Friendly Toast closed it's Cambridge, Massachusetts, location at the beginning of the pandemic and took to Facebook to announce that they will not be reopening.

People shared their fond memories of this location in the comments:

Elizabeth Anne LaRosa:
I am so heartbroken over this! 💔😭 My husband and I had our first official date at this location, and almost a year later he proposed to me in the courtyard outside after we had lunch there. We always loved the "smileage" sign. It became a common word/inside joke for us.

Deb Picard:
So sad to hear this! My hubby and I had our first date there. Loved it. ❤️

Jared Mauch:
So sad.. You were close to my office (when I was in town for work). I hope the staff are doing well, especially Nate who always had me taken care of and thought I was a local until he realized I live in MI.

According to, Scott Pulver, The owner of the six (now five) brunch spots, said there was just too much uncertainty around the Cambridge location. They rely heavily on the surrounding colleges for business. With schools going remote because of the pandemic, the bodies just aren't there. He described Cambridge as a "Ghost Town".

Pulver went on to say he is actively looking for a new location for their sixth restaurant in another Cambridge neighborhood. Hopefully when things get back to normal they will be able to open that location.

In the meantime they encourage you enjoy their other five locations in: Burlington MA, Boston MA (Back Bay), Portsmouth NH, Bedford NH and Burlington VT.

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