This story hit me in all the feels.  We’ve all heard of and know about local reality TV brother and sister Marissa and Tyler McLaughlin of the show ‘Wicked Tuna,’ but what I didn’t know was that their father was in need of life-saving surgery.  As is reporting, “this story, is bigger and better than even the Pinwheel’s best catch.” Marty McLaughlin, the father of Marissa and Tyler, has been in need of a lifesaving kidney transplant.  Marty met his donor, Thomas Edwards, this week.

Before the surgery, donor Thomas Edwards and Marty McLaughlin took a boat ride last Friday out of Rye NH and enjoyed a day on the water.  Edwards lost his father 12 months ago.  He volunteered to offer his own father the lifesaving kidney donation that he needed but unfortunately was not a match.  After a conversation with his Dad, he tells “He said, ‘That was one of the most loving things anybody had done for me.” I remember him saying that and I said it didn’t work.  Right after that, he said, ‘Maybe it was meant for somebody else.”


Taking his father’s words to heart, Edward’s signed up to  He was a match for Marty McLaughlin.  The rest is history.  Edward came up from Virginia for the surgery and says he feels “blessed to able to do it.”  What a gift.  Being a living organ donor is tough work.  There is an arduous recovery from the surgery, but it can save a life.  I will be keeping the McLaughlin and Edwards’ families in my prayers.  What a brave tribute Thomas Edwards is making for his father.  I am sure he is looking down on his son and is beaming with pride.  If you would like more information on being an organ donor, check out  The surgery is scheduled in a few days so keep all involved in your hearts.


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