You may remember about a month ago "The Goat" in Hampton posted that they will be taking down the decorated dollars that cover their restaurant walls in Hampton, New Hampshire. It took a LONG TIME to count up the dollars but they finally did it! The final count was $18,001!

According to Fosters, the money will go into the pockets of the staff who are out of work due to the pandemic. The Goat has two locations in Hampton in Portsmouth. Wally's Pub is also under the same ownership so this money will be helping those employees as well.

They had a promotion on their Facebook page that whoever guessed the closest to the dollar amount would win free burgers and adult frappes for a year! The prize goes to a dude named Pat Michael. I am very jealous of that lucky duckling. The paper states that guesses ranged from the low hundreds to $100,000. The owner, Al Fleury, was WAY off guessing that the total would be around 30,000 dollars. Of course, he's not eligible to win the free burgers and adult frappes for a year he was just guessing for funsies.

The article goes on to say some of the restaurant employees are teenagers or young people who have fewer bills. They are distributing the money to the employees that need it most. The hope is that when the ban is lifted patrons will leave more decorated dollars and they can begin filling the walls again.

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