The Big Guy is Coming Back

The announcement came down this morning at @7:15 am eastern standard time. The one, the only Garth Brooks is coming to New England Saturday, October 9th. Garth will be the first concert this year 2021 at GILLETTE STADIUM, kind of fitting right? After the whole pandemic who better to say #LETSGO. 

I got to see Garth Brooks on his dive bar tour on February 6th, 2020 at Patriots Place Six String Grill and Stage Bar Tour. It was a night I will never forget. This is a Bar, a big bar but still, I would say around 600 people attended. The seven-time Country Music Association Awards Entertainer Of the Year did not disappoint. He CRUSHED it. That place was rocking. As the kids would say it was LIT! When you look up the word Entertainer in the dictionary it says GARTH BROOKS. What a performer.

Numbers Don't Lie-Is He The Greatest of All Time?

Well, you tell me? He's the number one selling solo artist in the United States of America. Garth Brooks has sold 157 Million records. By the way, this will be his first time ever performing at Gillette stadium.


 When Do Tickets Go On Sale?

Tickets will go on sale Friday, July 16th at 10 AM. There will be an 8 ticket limit!! In-The-Round Seating. Only 3 Ways to Buy-1) 2) The Garth Brooks Line at Ticketmaster 1-877-654-2784 or 3) The Ticketmaster app on your mobile device. *No advance box office sales. ALL SEATS RESERVED, TICKET PRICES: $79.74 + $7.25 Service Charge + $5.00FF + $2.96Tax =  $94.95 ALL INCLUSIVE. Any bets on how fast this will set out? It's gonna be one for the ages. See you there.


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